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 Tender Dossier


Tender Main Facts Table

Tender reference


Address for submission of offers

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. "> This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Deadline for submission of offers


Estimated date of placement of orders


Requests for further information


 Submission of offers should be by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. "> This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 Queries related to this tender must be addressed to

Khirad Kargasov, Project Manager This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. "> This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


  1. 1.Tender for the SupplyAudio&Video and Conference (AVC) room equipment (AVC) for  the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the republic of Tajikistan

Saferworld is issuing this call for tender to select its supplier/s for the products specified below.

This tender dossier has been issued for the sole purpose of obtaining offers for the supply of goods or services against the specification contained within this document and the Annexes. Saferworld reserves the right not to enter into or award a contract as a result of this invitation to tender.

Any attempt by the Tenderer to obtain confidential information, enter into unlawful agreements with competitors or influence the evaluation committee or Saferworld during the process of examining, clarifying, evaluating and comparing tenders will lead to the rejection of its offers and may result in the termination of contract where applicable.

All quotes must be broken down by price as per the specifications, inclusive of delivery and other costs but must be free of duty and tax.

Delivery at Place (DAP): Delivery of the Equipment is to be done in accordance with statement of work described in section 9 of this document.


Minimum Specifications for Audio&Video and conference room equipment (AVC) for the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the republic of Tajikistan:

-       AVC designing: AVC working documentation development;

-       Equipment and materials supply: supply of hardware for multifunctional conference halls; supply of cables, interfaces and materials for installation of equipment in accordance with statement of work described in section 9 of this document;

-       Installation: installation and commissioning of AVC hardware; programming of MCR control systems; connection to the telecommunication infrastructure and equipment of the Customer at the outfit facilities, staff training on the MCR operation; MCR pilot operation;

-       Putting the AVC into operation: following the AVC installation and commissioning, as well as pilot operation, the contractor undertakes the AVC equipment handover to Saferworld and Ministry of Internal Affairs Communication Department.

-       Training MIA personnel: train at least 10 staff members from MIA on use and operation of AVC equipment

-       Service and Maintenance: Provide warranty service and maintenance for at least 2 years after commencement of AVC equipment

 2. Background Information on Saferworld

Saferworld (SW) is an International Non-Governmental Organisation (INGO) based in the UK that works worldwide to prevent armed conflict and build safer communities. To support this work Saferworld has staff working from registered offices in a number of different countries in Europe, Asia and Africa.  Since 2010, Saferworld have been implementing a community security program in the border areas between the Kyrgyz Republic and Tajikistan as well as other areas of the Ferghana Valley.  In Tajikistan Saferworld works with Ministry of Internal Affairs through supporting the ongoing police reform program planned for 2014-2010.


3. Submission of offers

The offer must be sent to the address specified on the annexes attached.  Offers must be received before the deadline specified in the “Tender Main Facts Table” above. Any offer submitted after the deadline will be automatically rejected.

The offer and all correspondence and documents related to the tender must be written in English.

Each Tenderer or member of consortium or sub-contractor may submit only one offer.

Each Tenderer needs to submit technical offer explaining all the technical details they suggest to achieve the task explained in the statement of work described in Annex C

Each Tenderer needs to submit price and technical offer separately.

Offers shall remain valid for a minimum of 60 days after the Deadline for Submission.

    4. Evaluation of offers

Saferworld at its sole discretion will select the winner of this tender.

Saferworld will evaluate price and technical evaluation separately. Technical evaluation of all tenderers will be evaluated against the statement of work and best technical solution to meet it. Three best technical offers will then be than evaluated for price.

Saferworld reserves the right to keep confidential the circumstances that have been considered for the selection of the offers.

Award of the tender shall be based on the following criteria:

  • Price including clear breakdown of individual costs
  • Quality of goods and services to be supplied, including additional features above the minimum specifications included in the quote
  • Overall service supplier is able to provide to Saferworld, including speed of delivery
  • Reputation and client references


5. List of documents to be submitted with the offer

Offers must be inclusive of the following documents:





Supplier Questionnaire


The Tenderer provides basic verifiable information on the organisation.

See Annex A

Completed “Tenderer’s Declaration” document

The Tenderer signs to show that they have fully understood and accepted the tender document

See Annex B

Technical offer

The Tenderer to provide technical offer with detail information on the equipment proposed, means of communication that are needed to meet the tasks described in the Statement of Work. The technical offer also needs to describe the design, technical solution to the requirement described in Statement of Work (SoW) with detail implementation plan.



The Tenderer to complete their Financial offer with detailed specifications, marked as Annex D

See Annex D


Contact details of three Referees

Contacting the Referees, Saferworld can be assured on competency of Tenderer

Type of contract, period of performance, company name, contact name, telephone number, e-mail

If the Tenderer is not an individual person, Certificate of Company incorporation

Evidence of corporate’s identity

As per the legal requirements in the State of incorporation of the Tenderer


6.  Payment terms

Tenderers are invited to note that our preferred terms for payment are:

  • 50% within seven days of signing a contract
  • 40% within seven days of commissioning the equipment and signing acceptance note.
  • 10 % payment after 1 year of singing the acceptance note.


Please confirm your acceptance of these payment terms or detail the terms under which our offer is being made.


7. Disclaimer

Saferworld reserves the right to alter the schedule of tender and contract awarding, including the right:

  • to cancel this tender process at any time and not to award any contract.
  • not to enter into or award a contract as a result of this invitation to tender.

Saferworld does not bind itself to accept the lowest or any tender.

Saferworld shall not be liable in respect of any costs incurred by the Tenderer in the preparation of the offer nor any associated work effort, including the production of presentation materials, brochures, product specifications or manuals for evaluation.


8. Clarifications

Tenderers may submit questions related to this tender only in writing to the email address as specified in the “Tender Main Facts table” above, up to one week before the deadline for submission of bids.

Saferworld may request further information from Tenderers after the submission of their proposals.  Any additional information must be provided within five working days

The onus is on the Tenderer to ensure that its offer is complete and meets Saferworld’s requirements. Failure to comply may lead to the offer being rejected without any reason being given. Please therefore ensure that you read this document carefully and answer fully all questions asked.


9. Statement of Work

The attach document provides the description of work needed to under this tender.



Saferworld Supplier Questionnaire

Part A: Your Business Details


1. Please provide the name of your business and any parent or subsidiary



2.  Please provide the address of your business.

Registered Office





Ordering Address (if different)




3.  Please provide your telephone, fax number, email and web site address:




Web Site



4.  Please state the nature of your business and your main products / services





5.  Please provide your company registration number, years in business and VAT number:

Company Reg. No

Years in Business

VAT Number





6.  What is the legal status of your business?

Public Limited Company




Sole Trader


Private Company


Not for profit organization


Government Agency


Self Employed



7. Company turnover in £, or local currency:     ____________



Part B: Your Bank Details


8. Please provide your bank details as accounts will be settled by electronic transfer direct to your bank account.




Bank Address


Account Name


Account Number






Other Bank information




9. If you use a factoring agent please provide their name, address and contact details. Provide their bank details in 8 above.






10. Declaration to be signed by Chief Executive Officer or Chief Financial Officer


I confirm that all the information given is accurate.  For and on behalf of the supplier:















Tenderer’s Declaration


We the Undersigned accept in full and without restriction the conditions governing this tender as the sole basis of this competition, whatever our own conditions of sale may be, which we hereby waive.


We have examined carefully, understood and comply with all conditions, instructions, forms, provisions and specifications contained in this tender dossier. We are aware that failure to submit a tender containing all the information and documentation expressly required, within the deadline specified, may lead to the rejection of the tender at SW’s discretion.


We hold no reservation in regard the tender dossier; and are aware that any reservation may result in the rejection of the tender by Saferworld.


We are not aware of any corruption practice in relation to this competition. Should such a situation arise, we shall immediately inform Saferworld in writing.


We declare that we are affected by no potential conflict of interest, and that we and our staff have no particular link with other Tenderers or parties involved in this competition.    Should such a situation arise during performance of the contract, we shall immediately inform Saferworld in writing.


Company name and address:

Company’s Representative name:

Title of Representative in the Company:

Representative’s signature:

City, date:


 ANNEX C: Technical Offer

Detailed specification of equipment, conceptual design and technical solution for A&V and Conference Room equipment to meet the requirements of the Statement of Work (own templates and designs can be used).


Detailed specification (own quote can be appended here)


                        Form for Price Quotation

Name and address of Tenderer






Contact person

Please note that the SW operating currency is the Sterling and therefore quotations in Sterling are preferred.    Quotations in other convertible currencies are acceptable and will be assessed in Sterling using the exchange rates published by UK clearing banks.


Lot No.



Unit Price

Total Price





























Freight to xxx








Other costs or charges:






Total Cost (indicate currency)


Estimated date of Shipping:

Estimated date of Delivery in xx

We confirm that this offer is valid for a period of 45 days. 


Payment terms














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