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A festive event dedicated to the Day of Militia was held at the Ministry of Internal Affairs


On November 08, 2019, in the conference hall of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, a festive event dedicated to the “Militia Day” was held, which was attended by Leadership, employees of the central office, veterans, militia officers, active youth, non-staff militia officers and volunteer vigilantes.


The solemn event was opened by the Minister of Internal Affairs, Militia Colonel General Rakhimzoda Ramazon Hamro, congratulated all those present on Militia Day and added that under the wise militia officers of the Founder of Peace and National Unity, the Leader of the Nation, the President of the Republic of Tajikistan, respected Emomali Rakhmon, the internal affairs bodies, along with others power structures of the country have turned into one powerful structure. The government of the republic constantly pays special attention to this structure and with the constant support of the Head of State several administrative buildings of the police were built and put into operation. Also, at present, in all divisions of the internal affairs bodies, creative and repair-construction works are being carried out.
The socio-economic conditions of the personnel have improved, the salaries of police officers are increasing from year to year, the opportunities for their activities are also expanding, the internal affairs bodies are provided with official vehicles and all the necessary modern equipment.


In his speech, the Minister of the Interior mentioned the rich history of the Tajik police, noting that in their official activities the militia officers spent harsh and painful days. It was emphasized that more than one and a half thousand police officers died in order to restore the constitutional order.
“We, officers, must not lose our vigilance, be at the forefront in the fight against crime and threats of the modern world, and also contribute to strengthening stability and protecting public law and order and the peaceful life of citizens,” emphasized R. Rakhimzoda.
It was noted that militia reform is currently underway in the country, and the main criterion is the close cooperation of the internal affairs bodies with the population. Therefore, we must take the initiative in this direction and be in trust among citizens.


In continuation of the event, for the courage and bravery shown, for loyalty and respect for national values in honor of the “Militia Day”, a number of veterans and militia officers, active youth, freelancers and volunteer volunteers were awarded regular military ranks, medals, badges, diplomas, letters of appreciation and cash gifts.
It should be recalled that in the divisions of internal affairs bodies in cities and regions of the republic, more than 700 people were awarded in total.


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