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An 11-year-old girl died in an accident

April 25, 2020, at about 16:40 hours, the driver of an Opel-Astra, Sharifov Firuz, born in 1995, resident of the Khovaling district when moving from the city of Kulyab towards the Vose district, having lost control over driving crashed into a Nexia car driven by Askar Sharipov, born in 1985, resident of the Temurmalik district.

Then he drove into the oncoming lane and hit a pedestrian Hukumatova Sadafmoh Bakhtiyorovna, born in 2009, a local resident.

Subsequently, the girl, having received serious bodily harm, died on the way to the hospital.
An investigation is being conducted into the accident.
Thus, on April 25 of this year, at about 12:00, the driver of a Mercedes-Benz car, Shokirov Manuchekhr Sobirdzhonovich, born in 1989, a resident of the Zafarabad district, when moving from the city of Istaravshan towards the city of Khujand, failed with the management of transport and crashed into an Opel-Vectra brand car, under the control of Khodzhamurodov Bakhtiyor Kholturaevich, born in 1983, resident of Zafarabad district.
As a result, the driver of a car of the Mercedes-Benz brand M. Shokirov and its passengers: Bakhtiyori Boynazar, born in 1989, Murodov Farkhod Ismoilovich, born in 1990, Pulotov Daler Dododzhonovich, born in 1994, residents of the city of Guliston, also the driver of the Opel-Vectra car B. Khodzhamurodov B.Kh. and passengers: Turdiev Kurbon Khaidarovich, born in 1973, Sanginov Ummat Naimovich, born in 1962, Khaidarov Alisher Kurbonboevich, born in 1997, residents of the Zafarobod district, died at the scene of an accident.
An investigation is being conducted into the accident.

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