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The Mystery of the Khovaling Stones

442I will tell you a story that is unbelievable in many ways, which I heard with my own ears. You will probably not believe me, as I did not believe it myself. I thought a lot, before telling you about it. Maybe I should forget it right away, but I could not do so, because it was impossible to get it out of my mind. The only solution was to share it with you, dear readers in order for it to become our common secret. I could place a smiley face here, however, I am a serious man. Even if I decide to use a smiley it is not possible to have it in our newspaper as it is a serious one. So let’s start!

At first I thought that this woman is a fairy tale teller, however, her face was serious, which was a reason to believe that she was not the one who would tell fairy tales. She was tall and beautiful, she reminded me of women of Australian prairie, her face though showed signs of Arian race. If she did not have those two wrinkled round cheek-bones, you could think she was European. Her eyes were very interesting; I saw such eyes for the first time in my life. Although she was from the planet Earth one could consider her being from a fantasy movie just because of her eyes.

I though to myself that it would have been great to find out more about this old lady’s life, although I did not pay much attention to her words as I was planning to leave and get things done, since I could not postpone them.

- You are doubting my words you don’t believe that this happened to me, right? She asked and she did not wait for my reply. She stood up and lifted her dress a little bit.
I sat down and could not move at that moment as if I was frozen.

-Look said the woman and put a finger to a thin scar that was on her belly. Her belly was smooth, like a young woman’s belly. The scar was covering her belly and looked like an ornamental pattern painted by an artist. From all of my female ancestors: my mother, grandmother, my great grandmothers etc. I am the only one who has such a cut and continued: Once in Dushanbe a doctor asked me if I had an operation?
-No, I answered, but she didn’t believe me.
-“You probably don’t remember? Right?”
-No, I was not operated.
- Then you are probably lying! If you were not operated where did you get the scar that is in the area of your stomach from? Look what is this, - asked the doctor pointing at the scar on the belly. She was very surprised. - You were operated!
I did not say anything. And what could I say to her?!

If you were not operated, where did you get the scar?

443That day I felt very sick – the woman continued her story, - I felt sick from the smell of various dishes and my belly was swelling. I ate the Anis plant, that helps in such cases, in order to clean the stomach from any bacteria. However, it did not help. Moreover, my stomach was hurting. It continued swelling and I felt the pain. I don’t know what kind of pain it was. I massaged my stomach. When I lifted my dress, I saw the trace. I got scared, but I did not tell anyone. Several days passed, but my stomach remained big and swollen. I could not think of any other solution and told my mother about it. My mom exclaimed but did not say anything. Next day I was sent to my uncle who was in the city. After a week I came back and saw that everybody were preparing for the wedding. I married my relative. My mother already had such an experience. An interesting thing happened later. The night before the wedding I saw an extraordinary creature standing in front of me. I wanted to scream but my voice was gone. The creature touched my stomach. I was very scared. However, after several minutes I felt peaceful, so peaceful! I felt such a bliss! I did not feel so blissful in my entire life! After the incident I distanced myself from my husband. When I was worried or nervous this creature appeared in front of me and just by standing there somehow gave me strength both physically and spiritually.

Once, one of my neighbors quarreled with me, said a lot of negative things and in his anger tried to hit me. I don’t know how and from where, from the sky or the earth the stone fell down and hit the neighbor’s forehead. The neighbor screamed and fell down like a stone. What was it! The relatives, the neighbors gathered and began screaming… That day I was taken to the police station and blamed for the accident, made a crime “that I injured the neighbor with the stone”. “I told them I did not know how it happened and that I did not throw the stone. And of course they did not believe my words…”

Another time a woman from a nearby village quarreled with me because of an unimportant issue. She threatened me, wanted to hit me with her fist and when she was very close to me a stone fell down and hit her and she fell down
right in front of me…

In our village such accidents happened a lot. It is not possible to mention all of them.
-Which village are you from? – I asked.
-From a village called “Tagi Jar”, in Khovaling.
-Do you live there?
-No, I live in a different place.

The woman was quiet for a while and after some time looked at me and continued: “It is a long story. Our ancestor moved to Tagi Jar after our forefather’s grandfather died. The forefather’s name was Bobo Shokir. People began spreading unfair gossip about us. A cut on a stomach, pregnancy of a virgin - this is difficult to explain without mentioning something extraordinary, extraterrestial and inexplicable. The death of the grandfather Shokir was also mysterious. One morning his body was found close to a hill which consisted of a huge pile of stones… I think all the mysteries and inexplicable situations that happened with our family are connected to that hill in Tagi Jar, that is called Sangtuda. Several days before his death, Bobo Shokir told a story that nobody believed in. Nobody was able to believe in!
-What happened, could you tell me?
She thought for a while and then, leaned to a chair and continued her story.

Bobo Shokir was kidnapped by mysterious envoys

Bobo Shokir was a grandfather with a pure soul. His hair was blond and his eyes were green. At that time he was 35-40 years old. That night he went out. The air was pure, the moon was shining bright. Suddenly a thunder storm began, and the village was covered by grey clouds. The clouds were moving towards the pile of stones that was there since ancient time. Suddenly one could see small creatures in the sky from a distance and one could also hear their noise that resembled the buzz of bees. At that very moment unexpectedly, a strong wind lifted our Bobo Shokir up and threw him to the hill of Sangtuda. At some point Bobo Shokir realized that he was inside of a cave and the walls of the cave radiated the leaden-colored light. He was surrounded by creatures with thin and short hands and legs and their heads resembled huge melons. According to Bobo Shokir, the eyes of those melon-headed creatures looked like glasses used for swimming. They had two small holes in the lower part of their faces that were their noses. Their lips were so thin, as if someone used diamond to draw lines on their faces. These creatures took the hands of our Bobo Shokir and walked with him through the caves. There were a lot of caves. Bobo Shokir was taken to one of them and at the center of that cave there was a bed covered with a white sheet. The creatures undressed the grandfather and put him to bed. The grandfather looked at one of the creatures who was taller than the rest and whose eyes were fixed on the grandfather. His fingers had a dozen joints, his nails were white and looked like jackal’s nails. The creatures “communicated” with each other through signs. The one who had jackal’s nails and a lot of joints on his fingers, ordered the grandfather to lie still. Another creature came close to the bed sat down on the left side of the bed where the grandfather had his head. That creature put a sharp thing inside the grandfather’s nose. The thing resembled a metal pen. The nose of my grandfather was bleeding and he felt such a strong pain that he had to lift his head. The creature pressed his head so, that the grandfather put his head back to bed. The pain was gone in an instant and the grandfather saw a beautiful picture that was like a dream: in that dream he was standing on top of the Surkhsakhova and saw huge things that looked like UFOs. The entire valley from Baljuvon to Sari Khorez was shining with golden lights that reflected on the buildings. The lights had the color of spring poppies as well. The sky was covered with the colors of the rainbow. When the UFOs appeared in the sky the earth under the Sangtuda opened wide and UFOs entered the opened space, the earth that was deep and shined bright… The vision of the grandfather stopped at that very moment. He saw then that another creature confronted him and put his hand between the legs of Bobo Shokir. He trembled but did not feel pain.

Suddenly yet another creature appeared on the scene who was much bigger and who did not have a mouth or a nose and his body resembled a shell. He too stood in front of the bed and looked at the grandfather Shokir from head to toes with his red eyes that reminded of the traffic lights in a city. Suddenly another, smaller creature came out from that shell-creature and that smaller creature resembled a naked human being that had the color of poppies from Sari Khorez. The eyes of that creature were blue, lips were thick, the hair was blond. On its thin body the creature had huge limbs. Bobo Shokir realized that a naked woman was standing close to his head. He saw her hands and legs, tips on her little breasts. A woman or not, but the creature came to the grandfather and was on top of him in an instant. According to the grandfather he could not remember how long it lasted that intercourse with that creature. When it finished the creature entered back to the shell. The shell in its turn pulled Bobo Shokir by his hair and put him to his feet on the ground. Bobo Shokir who was week at that moment fell down to his knees and put his hands to the ground. He felt as if the ground under him was shaking. Bobo Shokir saw how the ground was shining with such colors as green, red and orange. One of the creatures pulled his hair again and pushed him forward. The grandfather moved towards another cave that the creature pointed at. In the new cave Shokir saw a lot of new creatures who were everywhere. When Bobo Shokir saw all of that he felt week and fainted…. When he opened his eyes he realized that he was lying under the tree of the Sangtuda…”

After the silence the woman continued: Bobo Shokir told this story to his close friend one day before he passed away. The next day he was found dead under that same tree of the Sangtuda. A lot has happened in our family since then. I will turn 85 soon, my daughter is 45 and my granddaughter is 27. I am scared for my granddaughter. They say she looks like the grandfather Bobo Shokir.

The mystery of the lost woman and the mirakle of the Sangtuda

The jurnalistic curiosity did not leave me alone. Why did the woman leave the village Tagi Jar and find a place where she could be in peace where nobody knew where she was from and who she was? The mysterious story of that woman made me travel to Khovaling. It was my second time there in that beautiful part of the country. During my visit I was accomponied by the tajik sociologist Muborak, who lives in Denmark, the documentory film director Orzu Kholmurodzoda and the reporter of the tajik web-page of Tajikistantimes Bakhtovar Safarov. Previously, I did collect information about this old city called Munk. In places where in the old times people worshiped idols, fire and Buddha. Currently there are mosques and tombs for the Muslim righteous. Those buildings that were before Islam are part of our history. There were places where the history saved the proof of the heroic struggle of people of the region against arabs, Chingiz, others.

However, the goal of mine was different: To find out everything about the 85-year old woman from Tagi Jar. At the same time, by accident, I got a book «The historical sights of Khovaling». It is known that «there are no accidents in life». Among oher things this book also talks about the Tagi Jar's famous place of the Sangtuda. I read on the pages of the book that «generation after generation people tell a story that this pile of stones that people call Sangtuda was created by aliens in ancient times. The Aliens chose this place on purpose, as they thought that this palce was suitable for their undergound experiments. It seems that under that stone hill some aliens are burried. Every year the current representatives of that distant planet where the Aliens came from, visit the Sangtuda on a certain date in order to pay tribute to the memory of the aliens who are buried in Sangtuda and used to be the inhabitants of their common planet».

Our trip started from that same place of the Sangtuda in Tagi Jar. From the left side of the road we could see the hill that consisted of tens of thousands of huge stones. The hill probably resembled a pyramid in the old times. But due to the fact that people climed it and due to earthquakes that are often hit our land the pyramid turned into a hill.

The day we arrived people were building a wall around the hill. It was happening due to the project of the Ministry of Culture of Tajikistan. We came out of the car and entered inside the wall. It was the middle of the day and the constractors who were sun burnt due to the hot summer in July were eating their tasty plov all together in a friendly fashion. Muborak went to see the hill, maybe because she did not want to disturb the company of men.

- Daughter, don’t go there come to us, and have some tea! – trying to stop Muborak, said an old man, who was a chai-man. He had wrinkled wise face and was sitting next to the young ones.
- No, thank you, - said Muborak politely. She did not quite understand his concern and worry for her. And the people who sat around the old chai-man also looked at her with a concern, as she contunied her way. I would not refure to have some tea, however, I did not want to leave her alone, so I followed her. Fortunately, our video-reporter joined us. “I don’t recall anybody who would come close to the hill” - we heard the voice of the old chai-man. We, however did not pay attention to the concerned constructors, who stopped eating their plov and who were waching us coming up the hill. Step by step, stone by stone we climbed to the top of the hill. At the center of it we saw a black stone. Muborak stood next to it and became worrisome, she swayed and in order to prevent the falling, she spread her arms as if she was on a boat that was sailing.

- Some mystical power is moving me as if I am in a cradle! - she said loudly, as if she tried to outvoice the waves of the sea.

Was it the influence of her words, or something else, I felt as if my body swayed as well. At this very moment I saw that old man. He looked at us with a lot of concern and with fear. His fear affected me as well, and I also became worrisome. Muborak was still examining the stone hill. «It is the result of the process that was triggered by a river or a sea» - she said when the «swinging» stopped. She was stroking the stones that were smooth and uneven, round or not so round. She was studying their nature and was wondering about the way they appeared there.
The constructors and the people who were passing by the hill looked at us with fear and astonishment. Besides, the heat was affecting us in a way that we felt tired and we came down the hill very fast.

When we came down and the old chai-man came to us and said:
-Thanks God, everything is fine and did end well.
-What ended well? - I asked
-You went to the top of the hill.
- Is it dangerous to do so?
- There are many beliefs that people have about this hill. These beliefs do not appear out of nowhere.
I recalled the story from the book «The historical sights of Khovaling»
- Do you mean the cosmic miracle?
The old man did not say anything and in order to hide his concerned gaze, he bowed his head and left quickly.
The behaviour of the old man made me even more curious. The constructors were mainly from the neighboring villages. I went to the one, who was older.
--Tell me please, I reffered to him and looked at his worrisome brown eyes. Is it true that the aliens landed here a long time ago?
Slowly he patted his grey beared with his two strong wrinckled hands. He looked up and said «Oh, Allah!» He turned around and left.

I expained his behaviour to myself thinking that maybe people do not want to talk about things that are in a way far from Islam in their essence and time.

After some time one of the young constructors came to me and said that he heard a story once which was told by his grandfather who in his turn heard it from his grandparents. The story was about the hill of the Sangtuda. Every night according to the story the rainbow colored rays reach out the sky from the hill of the Sangtuda and these rays were like sharp arrows and they reached out the cosmos. They were accomponied by the sound that was like the sound of a daring whistle. People were scared and locked themselves inside their houses and did not go out.

There are other legends as well and they prove that the hill in Tagi Jar has a cosmic origin. As if the aliens thought that their God lived underground, searched for him and then lost their way and ended up in Khovaling.

I asked the people of Tagi Jar if anybody knew about that miraculous woman. One man said that he heard about her. Another said that they heard a story about the mysterious death of a kind of superhuman near Sangtuda. But nobody knew where he was burried. Like in a fairy tale: ones apon a time a man lived … and died. I looked for people who resembled the woman I was concerned with. Some resembled facial features of my wonder-woman, some reminded me of her figure, some walked like her. But I did not find any eyes that resembled hers. Such eyes I could not find anywhere.

-What was her name, - asked one old lady, who I also asked about the wonder-woman.
And then I realized, as if somebody hit my head - I did not ask the woman's name! Why didn't I do so? Oh God! What a mistake I made!

- After all, she come specifically to talk to me! Why I did not ask her name? I was very upset.
After I talked to the people of Khovaling I knew exactly how and about what I should talk to that mysterious woman, if we ever meet again. Will I ever meet her?! I wanted to see her granddaughter. She was the last connection in the chain of relationships with the cosmos with her family and with the village. If of course, I would agree with everything that told me her grandmother, the wonder-woman who disappeared as quickly as she appeared.

Under the canopy of the millennial plane trees

We also interviewed four elders of Khovaling - Nematullo Khabibulloev, Mirzo Abdulloev, Fayzullo Yusupov and Yakub Khikmatulloev. They are a living history of these places. According to their stories, in the Soviet times, legends that have been passed down for centuries by word of mouth began to gradually disappear from the people's memory. But just like people, events have their own habits also, they have a habit to repeat themselves.

Once a year, this hill, this stone pile, popularly called Sangtuda, leaves mysterious signs about itself. Even today the pebble-sized stones are pouring onto the roofs of the houses of people living here. People still see the rainbow light and hear the sounds coming from the Sangtuda hill ...

So to say, more recently, on the roof of the house of Mehrullo Sharifov there was a rockfall. Police began to suspect that someone from the neighbors was making jokes with the owner of the house and took Mehrullo's house under a secret surveillance. However, the next day the house again suffered a rockfall, and the household fled in fear, leaving the house at the mercy of the stones.

Nurali Sitamov, the head of the scientific department of the Vose Museum, says: “Many times we wanted to investigate these mysterious cases, but our efforts were in vain. Rockfalls occur, there are cases when stones are thrown onto the roofs of the houses, but no one knows how and where from, and where the same will happen again. Scientists need to study this phenomenon.”

In the ancient village of Munk, in modern Khovaling, there are five hills of piles of stones, and the largest of them is in Tagi Jar - the Sangtuda. Each of these hills has its own story. These hills have legends that are known to the inhabitants of the region, and are passed from mouth to mouth, from generation to generation. People are still cautiously watching these hills. They still remain silent about the adventures of members of the family of that wonder-woman with a wonderful ornament on her stomach. The silence about her family keeps a great secret that this Khovaling lady, the Tagi Jar old woman, the wonder-woman whom I am still looking for, will one day reveal.

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