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Ergashboybacha Ethnographic House Museum


Ergashboybach's house is one of the examples of the history of Khujand architectural art. This unique monument is located in the northern part of the famous Panjshanbe bazaar in the center of Khujand along Sodirkhon Hafiz Street, No. 87 and dates back to the end of the 19th century and the first quarter of the 20th century.

Ergashboibacha was a well-known trader of dried fruits, which he exported to Russia, bringing industrial goods in return. On 0.10 hectares of land, he built a house with two courtyards - one inner and one outer. The central double-leaf wooden entrance gate is decorated with Baghdad-style carvings. There is a small carved wooden gate nearby.
The inner courtyard is the female part and consists of a house, a veranda and a kitchen. There is also a bathhouse and a flat cake - tanurkhona. In the center of the courtyard there is a small plot for a vegetable garden. Under the veranda there is a storage room, the entrance door of which is in the male section. Once upon a time, the female half was separated from the male by a duval.
This house is mentioned in scientific and ethnographic works, memoirs of scientists and neighbors in the makhalla, academician Z.Sh.Rajabov, professors N.O.Tursunov, D.Kh. Dzhurazoda, A.K. Mirboboev, M. Fayzulloev.
This dwelling is built from local building materials: cobblestones, baked and adobe bricks, wood, alabaster, clay, straw. The national ornamental pattern was made by local artists using natural paint. Attention is drawn to the wooden posts and beams made by skilled woodcarvers.
In 1985-1986 the house was partially restored by the department of revival and reconstruction of historical objects of the Sughd region.

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