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During the operational search activities on the territory of the village of Torbulok Jamoat of Luhur, Dangara District, “Deo-Leganza” motor-vehicle, state number 74-98 BH 03, belonging to the criminal Yusupov Jafariddin Sadriddinovich, born 11.01.1997, born and born in Nurek, streets Borbad 44, was found that damage to this car testify to involvement in the commission of this crime.

To detain the criminal and three other citizens who were in this motor-vehicle, the investigation team takes all necessary measures.
In the surrounding areas in small towns of Sarband, Bokhtar, Vakhsh, and Pyanj, search activities are being conducted.
In the village of Torbulok was identified the identity of the criminals, one detained, two others during the resistance were eliminated.
Appropriate measures are taken to detain other accomplices in the crime.

Distinguished Members of Senate and the Lower Chamber of Parliament! Dear Compatriots! The Republic of Tajikistan, disregard of the changing political, economic and security situation in the world, has been making firm steps towards the sustainable economic development, achievement of its strategic objectives and thereby ensuring decent life for public. However, we have lately been noticing a trend of superiority, expeditious armament and emergence of the signs of the start of a new period of “cold war” in the world. This year also instability and conflicts continued in various parts of the world, and it was recognized as the difficult period full of contradictions for the international community. More than hundred countries of the world became subject to inhuman attack of terrorists and extremists ....>>>


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